Getting The Most Out Of Therapy

The decision to commit to therapy is an important one; it can be a considerable investment in one’s future. Like all investments, it is most beneficial when done mindfully, with active participation in the process. Please consider the following suggestions for getting the most out of your therapy experience:

  • A team approach works best in therapy, so clear communication between client and therapist is key. Please communicate any difficulties you may be having in therapy, as they arise. Examples could be discomfort with the type of therapy offered or difficulty understanding it. Therapists can help you more effectively if they know you are experiencing difficulty.
  • Though not always, some people find they feel worse for a time as they work on their problems in therapy. This can be a signal that they are making contact with an important awareness or issue, and is a normal part of healing through therapy. If you experience this, please discuss how you are feeling with your therapist so they can help you manage these feelings.
  • Do your best to work – between sessions – on practices agreed upon in your sessions. Thoughtful consideration of issues explored or strategies suggested for practice between sessions can greatly facilitate progress toward your therapeutic goals.
  • It can be helpful to let your therapist know what  you would like to get from therapy in the first session. If you are unsure, no worries! Just think of therapy goals as “written in jello” rather than stone; they can change shape over time.
  • Try to keep an open mind to trying new things, even if they may seem odd at first.
  • Please remember that you have the right to discontinue therapy at any time, and for any reason.