Mindfulness….the space between stimulus and response:
That’s where choice lies. 
T. Brach


Through training, practice, and personal experience, I bring to my work a life-long passion for helping others. Over the years, I have cultivated this passion by working with highly diverse populations in community, hospital, university, and private practice settings, in large cities and in small towns.

To be human is to experience both joy and suffering. I believe we are all born with an innate capacity to adapt, heal, and grow stronger through our suffering. Sometimes, even because of it. To help my clients along their healing path, I combine both Western psychotherapy and Eastern notions of mindfulness, as both have found support in scientific research on healing and wellness.

Though psychotherapy is often called “Talk Therapy”, my approach is highly experiential and wholistic. This means I invite and nurture the active involvement of the whole person, including mind, emotions, and “felt sense” (the body’s response to our experiences), as all three can provide us with helpful wisdom and direction.

Therapy is an investment of time and other valuable resources. To make the most of these resources, I practice Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT). This means I regularly ask my clients to take a few seconds to fill out a questionnaire designed to measure how well therapy and the therapist are working for them.  Research has shown that this formal type of feedback can greatly enhance the quality of a person’s therapy experience. Further, it can also help the therapist to identify and resolve possible barriers in a timely fashion, should any arise.

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